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More than a brand, S&B is a hymn to a positive attitude!

The S&B brand is not just another product. It is the result of life experiences. From all these experiences has emerged not just a brand but a cry from the heart, a hymn to joy. The proposal of small hearts on T-shirts, each with a character that embodies an entity in its own right. The ultimate goal of these logos is to share emotions, those of happiness, joy, hope, and brotherhood as the only way out for humanity.

Coming from the Parisian suburbs, my path was full of pitfalls, the problems at school in the eastern suburbs of the Parisian region, the various problems linked to childhood and then adolescence in a changing world.
Then, at a certain point in life, the desire to discover the world saw a revelation of emancipation. The desire to open up and meet new people took hold of me and I decided to travel to the United States to study. During this trip I became aware that I was rich in who I am intrinsically. Through these new landscapes and new encounters I saw the magnitude of the world's beauty. By focusing on these wonderful elements and concentrating on what is essential, peace arises as an abundant and inexhaustible source. Family and friends are important people in our lives with whom to share unforgettable moments. Sending them positive subliminal images through clothing that radiates a positive spirit and displaying an apparent heart to convey good vibes throughout the day.

Cultivating a good family balance with simple things and authentic values that bring people together around love and tolerance. Sharing good times with friends during a walk, a BBQ or a road trip to create lasting memories that are a source of joy when recalled. The S&B brand reflects the image of cohesion, of love, that cement of relationships that is essential to one's well-being. It is by cultivating one's own secret garden and asserting it in fashion in order to affirm who one is, without worrying about what others think, to be free to be oneself and to be able to display it on one's clothes and become even stronger. As Albert Einstein said: "Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.

In this world everyone has a place and no one can be ignored in their ability to be themselves and to assert themselves to make their natural contribution to the world.

The energy contained in each of us only asks to be exploited at best and released to the maximum. Daring does not seem natural to everyone, yet it is the best method of revealing who we are, especially when our values and intentions are good and humanistic. The effect of this self-realisation is positive not only for oneself but also for the whole of humanity. Get into the habit of claiming who you are through clothes that embody who you are deeply, display your caring values and showcase YOUR FASHION. S&B is here to help you assert yourself through its wide choice of characters, you will inevitably find yours, or we will create it together! Perhaps that is above all happiness, seeing it in the eyes of others. It is by contributing to a better world, your world, that things will evolve in the right direction. You just have to believe in it to make it happen.

Use your style to differentiate yourself and make it your body language, make your mark on society with your revolution through clothing. Be the spokesperson for your innovative ideas because S&B understands this and offers you the possibility to be the best version of yourself, because it is by dreaming of new horizons and being optimistic that you will contribute to a better world filled with love, joy, fun and beauty. Your emotions will carry you and you must surf on it like a tsunami that will spread all over the world, show that you are avant-garde, claim that S&B helps you to surpass yourself.


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